The Feels App was created because of the massive problem our Ad world has of working ourselves to death. Research has shown that working more than eight hours a day leads to all kinds of problems that most of us already have but choose to ignore. Sadly, productivity is misunderstood for overworking and a company's actual productivity and health suffers for it. The app uses a daily poll to help monitor employees emotional, physical, and mental symptoms to make sure that they aren't caught in one of the 'seven deadly signs'. This gives employees an anonymous outlet to share how they're really doing and creates accountability for CEOs to make their work environment a little less toxic. Together we're going to make overworking not cool again.

Feels App.


This infographic was created to explain the ins and outs of Lehigh Mining and Navigation, an advertising agency in Bethlehem. Inspired by Bethlehem’s Steel Factory roots, it navigates the different working parts of the agency as if it were itself a factory. Everyone plays a role in turning a great idea into a fully-rounded campaign


This example of story-doing is a passion project for Fed-Ex that focusses on the company's passion to find ways to help better our world. They partnered with other compassion-driven companies to support everything from pets in need of rescue, to struggling parents who need baby supplies. The video was illustrated in Adobe Illustrator then animated in Adobe After Effects.


The Daily Dose Campaign was inspired by the rapidly growing correlation between depression and the addiction to social media. It is intended to raise awareness of the problem and present a fun solution. The Daily Dose is an app designed to moderate time spent on social media and free up users to focus on more important things in life.


Color Du Jour is a makeup class taught in NYC and designed to advance the way users view makeup trends. The 3-series bus stop ads are directed at any creative person looking to shatter the ordinary and push the bounds of creativity. The choice of color palette and ad placement is meant to cause the viewer to do a double take and raise interest for the class.


These magazine ads were created for a conceptual Fashion Design line. The copy plays off the concept of pushing fashion trends from prehistoric to evolutionarily edgy. The clothing design, photography and copy are all original.


This lyric video animates a blurb from the song ‘Better Together’ by Jack Johnson. The assignment was to creatively illustrate the lyrics in an interactive way that engaged the viewer. All the illustrations are original and the video was made in Adobe After Effects.


Let’s face it, everybody wants defined abs. These billboards creatively display the awesome results you’ll see if you use the Ab Roller Revolution. The ads will ‘roll up and down’ as drivers pass, mimicking the results if you were to ‘roll’ as well.


This radio and print ad tell the story of an unfortunate character named Tim who should have had an icebreaker. It follows what could have been the most joyful day of his life that gets ruined by his awful breath. All radio script and illustrations are original.


This illustration was done for a food map infograhic in a daily living magazine. It leads the viewer through the strange yet interesting process of how a chicken makes an egg using humorous vector illustrations that beg you to keep on reading.



I am a Designer of Graphics, Interactive, and Advertising. I thrive on clever concept generation and learning new things. I love working with my hands and marrying fine art skills with cutting edge graphics to create unique and conceptual design that causes viewers to look twice. I graduated with a degree in Communication Design and would be excited to work with you!

gemmellrebekah@gmail.com • 610-931-0900